Friday, October 2, 2009

Ignite Rutgers

Changing times, transition time. Nehemiah 8.
From the previous generation to the new, next generation with bigger and better things.
Accept Israel and Jews into our hands and welcome them to the Promised land. war and fighting.
Rivers of Fire to spread across NJ.
God doing something in AC
Uprising of Asians in this new Generation of fiery Christians.
Take the Rut out of Rutgers and the Prince out of Princeton.
Unity through prayer and revival between Jersey city(North) and Rutgers.
Accept the calling.
Bond between NY and NJ.

Dig new wells and not digging old wells again.
Forget about the past generations, past mistakes, past things, look to what God has in store/plan for us. Be on Fire and break out of your shells, live a life worthy of the calling.
Horns blowing! break down the walls of Jericho. break down the walls of people. Freedom from the bondage of Satan!
People will have their eyes opened like in Matt 8. Be able to see things that they were not able to see before. When we ask God, it will not be such a hardship, but God will rain down his Glory and blessings on us.